Stage 4 lymphoma can bring down the survival rate and the risk in treating a person. Many people who were in the stage 4 lymphoma have never survived and only a few rare cases have made out of the stage 4 and live healthy like before. Lymphoma is said to be a malignancy that can be found on the lymphatic system in a human body. This lymphatic system indeed protects the human body by maintaining the attacks against the pathogens. The stage 4 lymphoma is also said as the last stages of a person and one should indeed have the will power to sustain their life during the last stages of their life. Many people don’t take the symptoms during the early stages of the attack which indeed makes their body untreatable as their immune system gets completely damaged resulting in a cancer. Proper treatment should be given during the starting stages of the attack to prevent a person from slowly dying in the stage 4 of lymphoma. The following are the common symptoms that can help anyone from knowing that a person has entered the final and the last stages of their life.

Deadly symptoms

The arms and legs get cooled enough. Chillness can found on the arms even during the mid-afternoon time. Fingers, lips and nails do turn blue in color. The legs turn purple in color. This is also called as mottling. Turning purple in color is clearly the symptoms of approaching the death in a few days of time. The affected person won’t have the feeling to eat or drink. This happens as they have an irritation while swallowing the food into their mouth. Noisy breathing occurs as they can find it difficult to breathe even when they are said to sit stable on a chair. The breathing pattern gets changed and irregular breathing is said to occur. They do stop breathing for few seconds and then they might resume breathing like before. As the food intake has been reduced, the urine color totally gets changed. Only a few drops of urine can come out of the bladder and it can found thick in color. Blurred vision occurs as the eyes get unfocused and they do not enough immune level to view things. Many have lost their ability to speak during the stage 4 lymphoma. This happens as they eat only a few food and they do not have enough energy to speak. Permanent damage occurs on their voice and they can find it difficult to speak through their mouth. A severe confusion occurs with the patient as they do hallucinate many things inside their mind. Always indulge such patients to some other activities so that they don’t have enough time to think and confuse themselves. The blurry vision can make the patient find it difficult in viewing a normal light source. They would even have pain on their eyes when their eyes are said to view a direct light source. Symptoms of stage 4 lymphoma are deadly and it’s all in the hands of the patient to stay happy during the last few days of their life.